Course Descriptions:


  • 4 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks / 16 Days / 64 Hours
    • Interactive Training in Class. (Theory & Lectures & Team Work)

Number Of Participants

  • 6 Trainees for each class. (Minimum of 6 trainees required for opening of course)


  • To enhance understanding scope and purpose of Maritime Security.

  • To improve trainees knowledge about maritime partnership and crisis response and management.

  • To improve trainees knowledge and skills regarding the planning and participating maritime security operations.


The Course Participants Will:

  • Learn and understand the meaning and purpose of the maritime security.
  • Have knowledge about abbreviations and definitions regarding maritime security.
  • Have knowledge about maritime partnerships and naval diplomacy at maritime security.
  • Have knowledge of contemporary maritime challenges.
  • Learn and understand the international organizations role at the maritime security.
  • Improve capability regarding the maritime crisis response and management and maritime security operations.
  • Have knowledge about maritime partnership, naval diplomacy and collective defense at sea.
  • Have knowledge about naval assets and capabilities regarding maritime security and generation.
  • Learn and understand the importance role of coordination at the maritime security.
  • Learn and understand the how to achieve an ideal maritime security.


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