Terms & Conditions

Kuantum Training is established for being a highly successful training services provider. The main aim of our company is to develop strategic partnerships with our customers to identify and build training solutions to match their organisational requirements.

Our approach is based on our experience and extensive business knowledge. This powerful combination enables us to provide the delivery and management of the right training and development services, which enables organisations and their people to develop.

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Why choose Kuantum Training?

  • Helping you within your budget with quality training!
  • Providing a perfect solution in the plan and time you need!
  • Seeking to add value to our partnership with our clients!
  • Enabling vast range of related services for both employees and managers at all levels!
  • Training in a fun, interactive and engaging way!
  • Flexibility, innovation and creativity!

Kuantum Training Center in Istanbul Turkey announce for new training courses which are organized by professional academicians for institutions private companies and military officers, under certain conditions:


  • One month.
  • 4 Weeks, 16 Days – 20 Days.

Number of Participants:

  • From 6 trainers to 20 for each class. ‘’Minimum of 6 trainers required to open the course’’.

Contact Informations

Dear client, trainer, if you’re interested with our course, you should send an email by you’re request ‘’specific course which you’re choice’’ and this email should include:

1- Date ‘’let us know at what time you prefare to start you’re course’’.

2- Number of participants ‘’ how many person will join on the course’’.  

3- The price ‘’if we are dealing for specific course, the trainer or the client should send for us 50% from the total price’’. And, before the course beginning by one week at least the trainer or the client should send all balance price.

Our services included:

  • Courses area ‘meeting room or class’.
  • Teacher.
  • Certification paper.

Our services excluded:

  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • Personal things.